Tonight’s Cubs Lineup: NL Wild Card Edition

It’s that time. We are within a few hours from first pitch of the Cubs and Rockies in the NL Wild Card. The Cubs have released their starting lineup:

1. Ben Zobrist RF
2. Kris Bryant LF
3. Anthony Rizzo 1B
4. Javy Baez SS
5. Albert Almora Jr. CF
6. Daniel Murphy 2B
7. Willson Contreras C
8. David Bote 3B
9. Jon Lester LHP

A few things stand out. Firstly, Ben Zobrist is leading off and Daniel Murphy bumps to 6. David Bote is starting at 3B as KB moves to LF. The pitcher spot is back to 9th.

We will probably see Ian Happ, Kyle Schwarber, and Jason Heyward come off the bench at some point.

The entire season comes down to today. And Joe Maddon is putting out a solid lineup to beat up on Rockies starter Kyle Freeland. It’s time to move on to the NLDS.

Go Cubs Go!!


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