These 2018 Cubs Sure Look Like the 2016 Cubs: That Year Ended Well!

There’s a chance. The present day (2018) Cubs sure look like the 2016 Cubs. After ups and downs this year, the two teams sure look identical.

Through 87 games this year, the Cubs are 51-36. Last year they were just 43-44. In the magical 2016 season, the Cubs were 52-35 at this point. That’s just one more win than they have now. Granted, a 7-1 homestand certainly helped pad the Cubs record, now 15 games above .500. It’s not just the record that’s looking identical, it’s how fun this team is looking.

From Jason Heyward’s walk-off grand slam, Albert Almora’s walk-off hit, David Bote’s walk-off walk, the Cubs are just as exciting as the 2016 Cubs. They are coming from behind. The Cubs have won 28 games in which they were trailing as they came back and won. Not to mention they trailed in every game at some point in the series and had the fight in them for a comeback.

Jon Lester was the ace of the 2016 staff. He’s also the ace of the 2018 staff. Lester was 9-4 with a 2.67 ERA at the All-Star break and was selected to the game. This year Lester’s 11-2 with a 2.45 ERA. He’s also on the All-Star team. The resemblance from “Ace” Jon Lester in ’16 and ’18 is incredible. Now the other pitchers aren’t as dominant, but there are three new starters in the rotation compared to ‘16. The offense has just made up for the lack of consistency.

The Cubs average 5.13 runs per game this year, the third most in baseball. At this point last year, the Cubs averaged just 4.55 per game. That was the 10th worst in baseball. In 2016, the Cubs offense was just as good as this years. They posted 5.21 runs per game on average, the second most in baseball. The offense eventually won the World Series for the Cubs with 20 runs over the final three games. They had strong run production that year and have the same type of run support this year.

We are even playing at this level without Kris Bryant and Yu Darvish. A former MVP and All-Star Pitcher. Just imagine how good the Cubs could be when these two return.

It’s a longshot, but there’s a chance this Cubs team is as good or better than the 2016 Cubs. The ways things are shaping up, the Cubs are playing at the same level. They are putting a tremendous amount of run support on the board The Cubs have the same momentum. The 2018 Cubs are just as exciting to watch as the 2016 Cubs. This Cubs team resembles the ’16 Cubs. We all remember how that season ended.


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