Going Inside the Numbers: Indiana’s close loss to Duke

On Wednesday night, the Indiana Men’s Basketball team was able to fight and keep up the pace with #1 Duke however they fell just short 91-81. Today, we are going to go inside the numbers for Indiana which were very favorable.

Shooting Numbers (Field Goal, Three-Point, Free Throw)

Indiana’s shooting numbers had to be almost perfect, and they nearly accomplished that feat. The Hoosiers shot 30-59 (50.8%) on field goals, 5-21 (23.8%) on three-pointers, and 16-26 (61.5%) from the charity stripe. The one area I think that would have made the biggest difference would be the free throw line. Indiana missed several key free throws in the closing minutes, which could have impacted the game greatly if they would have found the bottom of the net. Comparing their splits to the Blue Devils, Indiana was not that bad really. Duke shot 33-60 (55.0%) on field goals, 3-17 (17.6%) on deep shots, and 22-29 (75.9%) from theĀ free throw line. Overall, it was not too bad of a game for the Hoosiers who were right there with Duke until the end.

Battle for Boards

It does not matter who the clear-cut winner or not is, but the rebounding always takes unique twists and turns making it a hard stat to compare teams. For Indiana, they hauled in 31 total rebounds with 13 on offense and 18 on defense. Duke had the slight edge, with 33 total including 12 on offense and 21 on defense. IU has won games and lost the Battle for Boards, and other times lose the game but haul in more boards. The Blue Devils had the rare combination of winning the game and the stat.

Ball Movement and Ball Control

Another area that was solid for the Hoosiers and was a very close area was their Ball Movement and Ball Control. Indiana dished out 12 assists led by Devonte Green with 4 and only turned the ball over 9 times for a new season-low. The numbers show an improvement in the ball control, but a slight decrease in the ball movement over their last time out. In their last time out on the court, Indiana won with 19 assists and 10 turnovers. Duke was marginally better with 15 assists while only making 8 mistakes.

Defensive Playmaking

Finally, Indiana and Duke statistically were close in the defensive playmaking area with the numbers split right down the middle. The Hoosiers stole the ball 4 times and rejected 4 shots compared to the Blue Devils with 7 steals and only 3 blocks. Juwan Morgan set the tone for the defensive playmaking, racking up 2 steals and 2 rejections for Indiana.


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