How Does N.L. Batting Leader Albert Almora Not Make All-Star Roster?

It was a longshot that came up short. Albert Almora did not receive enough write-in votes from Cubs fans to be selected as an All-Star. MLB did not value Almora’s bat as one of the best and quite possibly snubbed him. The N.L. batting average leader didn’t make the All-Star roster nor one of the “Final Vote” nominees. How pathetic, MLB.

For Almora having to be a write-in vote in the first place is ludicrous. He’s played in nearly every game for the Cubs, all but five. Almora has been the purest hitter on the Cubs and in all baseball. Yet, he didn’t show up on the All-Star ballot to vote, buried down at the bottom as a write-in choice. Is there a reason behind why MLB didn’t create a button for him? Probably, he’s not an everyday starter. But does that really make a difference?

Albert Almora is batting .326 this year, tied for the best in the National League, and at many times the best. Almora’s a pure hitter with 85 hits including 19 doubles and a triple. Apparently, those numbers aren’t enough, and you need to be a leader in one of the subsidiary categories. Almora still has 4 homers and 28 RBI as a fourth or fifth option at times. His numbers go up on any other roster. Not to even mention Almora’s incredible defense.

The ones selected over Almora by both the fans and MLB weren’t even the best of the best.

Looking closer into the six outfielders representing the National League, Almora not making the game is looking more ridiculous. MLB hand-picked two of the three Brewers outfielders who aren’t anywhere near All-Star status. Christian Yelich is batting just .285 while Lorenzo Cain follows him up with a .290 average. Those numbers are solid for the Brewers but aren’t any better than Almora’s. Not to mention Max Muncy of the Dodgers who was also snubbed. MLB could’ve picked better here.

Out of the top five batting leaders in the National League, four of them were picked to the game. Almora is the only one who leads the league, yet was completely snubbed. Great job MLB on supposedly picking the best players in the game. It’s probably something to do with their soft rule of having to try including every team in the All-Star game.

Albert Almora is an All-Star. Period. No questions asked.


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