Kris Bryant is Getting His Own “Pizza Delivery” Bobblehead After Red Bull Prank

Before the season started, Kris Bryant appeared in a Red Bull prank on Fantasy Baseball Drafts in disguise as the pizza delivery guy for “Kristio’s Pizza & Wings”. He unsuspectingly delivered pizzas and Red Bull to people at the Drafts who thought they were being filmed for a documentary on Fantasy Sports. Instead, they were being filmed as part of a prank with Bryant delivering the pizza and no one noticing who it was until he revealed his cover.

This funny prank has already been viewed 700,000 times since it was first released on March 27th. Now you can remember that great moment forever, with the release of the Kris Bryant “Pizza Delivery” bobblehead that is a memento on sale for purchase now.  You are reading that right, there is a Kris Bryant bobblehead that portrays a wig, glasses, mustache, and outfit Bryant wore in the famous pizza delivery prank. They are limited edition and are on pre-sale that is scheduled to ship in late June. 

Kris Bryant Bobblehead/Sports Fan Island

It’s not the first time a bobblehead has been mentioned in the news, Dexter Fowler’s new bobblehead with the Cardinals is said to look sad and depressed while his with the Cubs is happy and smiling. This one of Bryant checks off the happy and smiling boxes for sure.


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