Former-Cub Trevor Cahill Was Going to Take Mound Against Iowa Cubs…Now He’s Set to Return to Majors?

Odds are if you remember the 2015 and 2016 Cubs (you certainly should), you would remember the dominant reliever Trevor Cahill who came up from the Cubs Minors to dominate at the Major League level again. His Major-League debut goes back to 2009, but he found the most success in his career pitching out of the bullpen for the Cubs. What happened from here, you might not remember.

Cahill signed with the Padres during the 2016 offseason after the Cubs gave up on him in the postseason and decided not to re-sign him. He was traded mid-season to the Royals for former-Cub Travis Wood and a few others in a San Diego salary dump. It was a one-year contract he had signed before the season, meaning he would become a free agent ahead of this season. Cahill signed another one-year contract with Oakland late in March of 2018 and was optioned to the Minors for extended Spring Training essentially. Then came the complete weirdness of Cahill and the Oakland Athletics.

The Athletics AAA affiliate, Nashville, starts a four-game series against Iowa on Tuesday at Principal Park in Des Moines. The scheduled starter for the Sounds was indeed Cahill, meaning he would face the Iowa Cubs for the first time since 2016 with the club, and a Cubs affiliate for the first time. It was like this for about 3-4 days on the schedule for a mini-Cubs reunion for Trevor Cahill. On Monday, the day before his scheduled start, the A’s just so happened to be pleased with his performances and are calling him up meaning he will miss Tuesday’s game for a start against the White Sox in the big leagues. Coincidental, right?

Trevor Cahill may have been scheduled for this quirky Minor-League reunion against Iowa, but now just so happens to be ready for the A’s Major League squad. Whether this was planned or not will never be revealed, but deep down he might hold a grudge against the Cubs for not appearing on the 2016 postseason roster and didn’t want that to come out just yet. Regardless, it’s a funny story that is worth sharing with Cubs fans.

We will always miss him, but at least he got a World Series ring. 


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