Today in Cubs History: First Game Televised by WGN (1948)

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the first Cubs game televised by WGN that changed the course of Cubs history up to this date. WGN made the Cubs a household name across the country and immediately grew into one of the biggest fan bases across baseball which will never go away.

On April 16th, 1948, the Cubs Season Opener against the Pittsburgh Pirates was broadcasted on television for the first time in franchise history, and it just so happened to be on WGN that would still be broadcasting games 70 years later. 

Plans for celebrating this historic event include celebrations before and during the telecast of tonight’s clash against the Cardinals at Wrigley Field. The game would, of course, be on WGN for this historic day, with a pregame show start around 5:30 pm called “Leadoff Man”. If you can remember, this was the original pre-game show name from the early sixties and seventies. 

Of course, the famous WGN Cubs broadcaster Jack Brickhouse made everything possible with his fantastic play-by-play from 1948 to 1981. Brickhouse started out in the first year of Cubs Baseball on WGN, which brought it to life, making everything possible.

This historic event may remind you of why you became a Cubs fan for life, as we reflect on 70 years of Cubs baseball on WGN television. 


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