Wrigley Construction Update: 2/24/18

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CHICAGO, IL.– It’s been a long four months since the Cubs last played in Wrigley Field, which has let the ballpark renovations continue over the offseason, and there has been plenty of progress as you have seen above.

SportZreport.com decided to check out the construction in Wrigley, around Wrigley, as well as the Park at Wrigley, and Hotel Zachary. Here is a quick video below of the construction going on Thursday afternoon:

There still appears to be lots of construction left between now and the Cubs Home Opener on April 9th. Hotel Zachary is pretty much built now from the last time you might have seen it during the season. They are definitely on track for the March 26th Grand Opening with just some minor details to be worked on the outside and inside. The sign was put up last week and it looks fantastic. Other than that, there is not much left to do for Hotel Zachary.

For the construction on the inside and outside of Wrigley Field, it appears the crews are working on the exterior, specifically around the marquee with equipment around it. Most of the ramps inside Wrigley you can see from the outside are bordered up, which could mean there is a big surprise inside! Probably not, they are just there to prevent people from coming inside. Other than that, Wrigley is starting to shape back to itself on the outside!

The Home Opener for the Cubs is near and expect great progress on the renovation by then!

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