RECAP – Cubs 1, Brewers 2

It all started with a plate appearance from Ian Happ in the top of the first inning, and Cubs baseball resumed after what seemed like an extraordinary long offseason. Although it was a fly out to left, the sound of the crack of the bat after Happ hit the ball was just beautiful and meant baseball season has finally arrived.

Standout Performers

Tommy La Stella: 2 AB, 1 Hit, 1 RBI
Mike Freeman: 2 AB, 1 Hit, 1 Run
Michael Roth: 2 IP, 1 Hit, 0 Runs, 0 Walks, 2 K

How it Happened

The Cubs first run of 2018 would come in the top of the third inning, where Tommy La Stella singled into left field which scored Mike Freeman from second base and the Cubs had an early 1-0. At this point, Michael Roth had already pitched two shutout innings in his first start in Cubby Blue, allowing just one hit and zero walks. The Brewers would have a response not in the same inning, but the next when Eric Sogard tripled into right field which scored two runners. Dominant pitching from the Cubs, as well as the Brewers, would make the final 4.5 innings scoreless, and the Cubs, unfortunately, fell 2-1.


One Great Moment

In the bottom of the third inning, Ian Happ saved a potential 2-out double into right field with the bases loaded, when he made an absolute outstanding catch where you wouldn’t think it was Spring Training and it was the World Series.


Games in Spring Training really do not matter, and typically don’t impact a season. Now if there was a player injury or something of that nature, it’s a different story. The Cubs went 11-19 in 2016 out at Spring Training, and that season obviously ended magnificently. The primary goal of Spring Training is to ready the players for the upcoming 162-game season without many breaks. That’s why the game results at this point don’t make a difference, but it’s always nice to see a Cubs win in any context possible.

Next Up

The Cubs will open games at Sloan Park on Saturday at 3:05 PM Eastern, where they will be facing the Texas Rangers.

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