Takeaways From Yu Darvish’s Cubs Introductory Press Conference

In case you missed it, the Cubs officially signed Yu Darvish today! Shortly after the official news came out, the Cubs held a Press Conference out at Spring Training with Yu Darvish and Theo Epstein to announce the official signing and hold a Press Conference to take questions from the media. We are going to be looking at some of the takeaways from Yu Darvish’s Cubs Introductory Press Conference:

  • Yu Darvish was Theo’s Target from Day One

A big question this offseason was how the Cubs would handle the starting rotation. They needed to improve their starting five from last season, and they were already going to lose Jake Arrieta to free agency. Many thought that they would need to sign Yu Darvish to help bolster the rotation. As it turns out, Theo had it all planned out from day one.

Theo: Yu was our primary target. We think this is a great day in the Cubs organization to welcome a pitcher of his caliber. “

What that statement from Theo basically means the answer from day one was to sign Yu Darvish. Darvish was the primary target from day one of free agency, but it just took longer than most expected for a deal to be made. Luckily, Theo had it all figured out and solved from the beginning.

  • The Cubs were the Best Suitor for Yu Darvish

During the press conference, Darvish made it very clear that winning a World Series was his number one goal. Darvish thought that the Cubs were a great suitor for him to accomplish the number one goal of any team. Theo also brought that up about why he will be a great fit because of his mentality.

Theo:With winning a World Series being his top priority, that’s also our top priority as an organization, and we feel this will be a tremendous fit.”

Darvish: “Obviously, every team is great, but the Cubs really stood out. Everyone was sincere at the meeting. I fell in love with how great each person with the Cubs is, especially Mr. Epstein.”

  • Yu Darvish Already Seems Like a Great Fit, Because He Has Jokes

The Cubs are a fun team, and there is not a doubt. Everything from the dancing bullpen, to Travis Wood in the outfield, to pinch-hitting a career 0.85 hitter in Jon Lester for a squeeze bunt to win the game, the Cubs are a really fun team. Early signs of this offseason somewhat pointed to Yu Darvish signing with the Cubs when they signed his personal catcher Chris Gimenez to a minor-league contract. When Darvish was asked about Gimenez being influential to coming to Chicago, he sent everybody into laughter.

Darvish: “I like Contreras better.”

That statement above shows Yu Darvish’s character and why he is the perfect fit to round out the best rotation in baseball. That’s why no one should be concerned about his fit with the team, and the chemistry he would bring.

  • Yu Darvish Seems to Have the Drive to Put in Work

Yu Darvish obviously knows what happened in the World Series, but it didn’t all fall on him last season. Theo had a great statement in the press conference “There’s more to Yu Darvish than what happened in the World Series.” Of course, some of the blame still falls on him, but he seems to be willing to put in the work. When asked about who he is looking forward to the most meeting, Darvish again brought more laughter into the room.

Darvish: “Schwarber. I remember the homer he hit off me in the NLCS. I want to know what workouts he’s putting in to hit a ball like that.”

That statement shows that Darvish wants to learn more about hitters and how to perfect his pitches, so he doesn’t give up five runs in two innings in a World Series Game 7.


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