Colts Better Off to Draft Back, Lineman, or Defensive Stud?

This for sure is going to be the biggest ongoing question between now and April 26th. Are the Colts better off to draft a running back, offensive lineman, or a defensive stud? All three positions are backed by a phenomenal player who the experts are predicting the Colts will land. Which direction should the Colts go with their third overall pick in this year’s draft is what you will find out below.

Running Back: Drafting a running back right now seems kind of silly, but Frank Gore is not a definite to return and Marlon Mack may or may not be the future. If the Colts were to make a choice at this position, it would be Penn State star Shaquon Barkley. Barkley is likely the safest choice for the Colts at a position that might not necessarily be a big concern. It’s going to be a deep class to select a running back this time around with some big-time names, but Barkley is almost a can’t miss prospect with tons of potential. Jim Irsay was even on board with the idea recently talking about how he would like to provide Andrew Luck an “Edgerrin James type of player” and Barkley would fit that role. For the type of player Barkley is, he can transform an entire offense being a big weapon whether it comes down to the ground or air. Barkley can do it all and would be the safest choice for the Colts.

Offensive Lineman: Protecting Andrew Luck must be a top priority for Jim Irsay and the Colts this season. Drafting an offensive lineman is never a bad idea, but the Colts have plenty of options in the free agent market. If the Colts go down this road there might be a chance of a potential draft bust. Oklahoma has one of the best offensive lineman in the draft, Orlando Brown who is a tackle. With an unbelievable amount of changes to the o-line over the years, the Colts need consistency and dominance which is where Brown comes in. Orlando Brown would automatically become the best player on the Colts line due to his superior run and pass blocking. Brown could really help improve one of the worst offensive lines in football that has let Andrew Luck get beaten up through the years.

Defensive Stud: The most likely of positions to be addressed in the Draft will be a defensive stud. The number one name that comes to mind is the incredible Bradley Chubb from North Carolina State. Chubb will be off the board after the Colts select whether Indy takes him or else the Browns will snag him with the fourth pick. Chubb is no doubt the best pass rusher in the draft and could bolster the Colts horrific pass rush. In the last two seasons, Bradley was able to rack up 20 sacks making his mark on defense for the Wolfpack. He’s proven he can be consistent over the last two seasons and checks all the boxes for Indianapolis. Chubb is likely the best option and most likely option predicted to be drafted by the Colts in several mock drafts.

Bottom Line

The Colts really couldn’t go wrong with a running back, offensive lineman, or a defensive stud when they are on the clock with the third pick. A running back may be the least needed position out of the three while a better offensive line can be picked up in free agency. Defensive studs like the pass rushing greats J.J. Watt, Clay Matthews, and Ndamukong Suh are extremely hard to come by. The most draft busts occur at this position, but Bradley Chubb seems to be a special player. The Colts will be better off to draft a defensive stud and more specifically, Bradley Chubb from North Carolina State.


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