Where the Colts stand in the race for #2 pick after Week 16

By losing on Saturday night to the Ravens, the Colts were lucky losers because the loss solidified their chances of the #2 pick in this upcoming draft. It is unfortunate that the Colts have hit rock bottom like this, but this all will help them in the future because Chuck Pagano is going to be Chuck Pa-gone-o after the miserable race to last place.

Sunday didn’t really help the Colts out too much in the race for draft positioning, but it didn’t hurt them. The number one thing the Colts need to happen to secure that second pick was for the Giants to win one of their final two games. It did not happen today, as the Giants were creamed 23-0 on the road against Arizona. Only the Browns and Giants have a worse record than the Colts. If the Colts lose to Houston next week and New York beats Washington, the Colts would secure the number two pick holding the tiebreaker.

By the 49ers and Bears winning on Sunday, they officially will hold a better record than the Colts each with five wins apiece. Indianapolis can only reach four wins this season, which also helps their chances of a high draft pick because they could not go on a downward spiral if they were to win next weekend.

The only other potential game that could have hurt the Colts would be Carolina beating Tampa Bay 22-19. If the Buccaneers won, they would join the 49ers and Bears as teams guaranteed to hold a better record than Indianapolis who are still in the draft pick hunt. Tampa Bay still holds a 4-11 record which is better than the Colts 3-13, but this only hurts the Colts if they were to win next weekend.

Houston right now is the only wild card, because they play on Christmas day at 4:30 PM Eastern. If the Texans win, they also will hold a higher win percentage than the Colts. If the Texans were to lose, the Colts still have a worse record. Houston and Indianapolis play next weekend, and the best thing that could happen for the Colts chances of a high draft pick is if they were to lose which is already a high possibility.

Right now, the Colts hold the third worst record in the league which would slot them with the #3 pick. Providing nothing changes with a win against Houston next Sunday, the Colts are in great position for a high draft slot. Let the fun begin!

Published at 8:53 PM Eastern on December 24th, 2017.

Update #1: Texans lost to Steelers 34-6, so they fall to 4-11 which is a slightly better record than the Colts at 3-12. Indianapolis still holds the third pick in the draft.

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