Goin’ In-Depth: Indiana’s 77-64 win over Iowa

After two straight losses, Indiana pulled together for a gritty 77-64 Big Ten win over Iowa to move to 5-4 on the year on the night of the 1992 Final Four Team Reunion at Assembly Hall.

“Good win for our team,” said IU mentor Archie Miller, who notched his first Big Ten coaching victory. “Two games in three days in the Big Ten (including Saturday’s loss at Michigan), as everybody has to do it, is an adjustment. Not a lot of time to prepare for obviously well-coached teams.

“I thought our team did a great job of bouncing back tonight. Had a number of different guys step up and make a lot of winning plays.”

First Half Analysis

The opening half of play was where the game was won for Indiana, picking apart the Hawkeyes on each end of the floor. It took IU less than one minute this time to get on the board, with their first offensive possession. The layup from Juwan Morgan would lead to a 7-3 scoring run to open the game before things got tight near the end of the half. Tied at 20-20 with 6:25 left before the break, Indiana would pull away with a 21-6 scoring run giving the Hoosiers a big 41-26 lead going into halftime. The offense was simply magnificent on that scoring run, and the defense was strong enough to keep the Iowa shooters cold to spark the big run.

Second Half Analysis

It was a good thing that Indiana pulled away by a large margin in the first half because they would be slightly outscored by Iowa 38-36 in the second half. Just like the opening half of play, it took the Hoosiers less than one minute to get on the scoreboard, this time coming from a De’Ron Davis free throw. Indiana’s start to the half was just as good as the opening half ended, up 71-50 with just 7:15 left to play. Iowa would scrape together a 14-6 scoring run to bring them closer, but there was not enough effort nor time to stop IU from earning a victory.

Individual Player Performances

Juwan Morgan: 29 minutes, 15 points (6/9 FG, 0/1 3PT, 3/4 FT), 10 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 block

De’Ron Davis: 18 minutes, 13 points (5/11 FG, 3/9 FT), 6 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals, 4 blocks

Collin Hartman: 20 minutes, 13 points (4/9 FG, 3/6 3PT, 2/2 FT), 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal

Team Numbers

Indiana was the tone setter on offense between the two sides, shooting 27-66 (40.9%) on field goals, 8-21 (38.1%) on three-pointers, and 15-23 (65.2%) on free throws. I know that the numbers are not as ridiculous as the win over Eastern Michigan, but set the standard for the offense on Monday night. Iowa was not able to replicate the Hoosiers numbers, only shooting 25-65 (38.5%) on field goals, 10-24 (41.7%) on three-pointers, and 4-9 (44.4%) from the charity stripe.

On top of the great shooting numbers from IU, they were able to produce the same type of dominance on the other end of the floor. As a team, Indiana hauled in 47 total rebounds including 16 on offense and 31 on defense. These numbers were close to Iowa’s who produced 42 total rebounds with 14 on offense and 28 on defense, but Indiana much like the shooting set the tone here as well.

Everywhere else on the scoreboard, IU dished out 14 assists, stole the ball 11 times, rejected 6 shots, all while only committing 10 total turnovers. Iowa was able to meet the Hoosiers in ball movement, with 17 assists but not in the defensive playmaking. Indiana won the playmaking on defense, with 5 more steals and the same number of blocks from the Hawkeyes.

Next Game

Indiana will travel to Louisville taking on the Cardinals on Saturday at 2:00 PM Eastern. Just like the Duke game, IU will be in the national spotlight with the game being broadcasted by ESPN.


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