Nice Try Vols, Jeff Brohm is not going to leave Purdue

Knoxville News Sentinel: Volunteers HC Replacements, 7 names from David Cutcliffe to Tee Martin to Jeff Brohm

Many conflicting reports are out there about the University of Tennessee reaching out to current Purdue Football head coach Jeff Brohm about hiring him to replace Butch Jones. Now I understand that these rumors, of course, are going to swirl around because of what Brohm has done in less than one year at Purdue, but these reports are just absurd!

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, Jeff Brohm supposedly is going to be a target for Tennessee and the Volunteers think they can convince him to sign. Right off the bat, I’m just going to stop the rumors. Jeff Brohm is NOT going to leave Purdue. What he had done for this team so fast earning a bowl game after a 6-6 season, is going to help his chances of sticking around. The Boilermakers know that without Brohm, they are not as good of a team. I know for sure that Purdue will not let Jeff Brohm out of their hands, who every Boiler fan is idolizing right now.

Also according to other reports including the Land of 10, the Volunteers have already reached out to Brohm. Now that’s great for them to think they can pull a fast one on Purdue, but it’s not going to happen. They are already interviewing Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy, and I’m sure they are attempting to interview Brohm as well for their position. I’m sure his answer will be thank you, but no thank you.

The connection for Brohm and Purdue is something else, and he will not leave Purdue Football this soon. It’s only the beginning of the dominant era for the Boilermakers, and these reports thinking that Brohm is even an option for Tennessee is just utter nonsense. Case closed.


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