Pacers possible landing spot for Eric Bledsoe?

INDIANAPOLIS, IN.– After a recent Twitter post from Eric Bledsoe saying “I dont wanna be here” he has raised the question whether or not he is going to be traded after a harshful post geared toward the Phoenix Suns.

Matt Moore from CBS Sports picks the Pacers as a likely landing spot for Eric Bledsoe if the Suns decide to trade him after his negative comments about the team.

Pacers receive: Eric Bledsoe

Suns receive: Thaddeus Young, 2018 first-round pick (protected 1-20 in 2018, 1-14 in 2019, 1-5 in 2020), Chicago’s 2018 2nd round pick.

“Why it works: Indiana doesn’t want to tank. It’s not in their cultural DNA. Bledsoe isn’t going to pack the arena or recoup the Paul George fiasco, but he fits on a number of levels. You’re swapping out veteran on a mid-sized contract for another one, but a better one, and one that fits with the roster. Bledsoe and Victor Oladipo would make a great tandem, especially defensively, and it increases the chances that the Pacers are no worse than “mediocre” which is kind of where they call home. 

For Phoenix, it’s the pick. It’s heavily protected, but the hope of a pick down the line is more than what they’re going to get elsewhere. Indiana can make the deal with a reasonable safety net knowing the odds of conveying that pick are low, and they are less likely to acquire a player of Bledsoe’s caliber through other means. Meanwhile, this continues one of the longest standing traditions in the NBA, whereby Darren Collison is given a starting job only to see it replaced within 18 months of arriving.”

Moore put the Pacers as the first possible landing choice in his article. If anything were to happen, Bledsoe could be a fit in Indiana. I agree with his analysis of making a great frontcourt tandem. There are lots of potential trade ideas and rumors out there and we are just trying to organize them into a neat fashion.

I don’t mind the idea of the Pacers trading Thaddeus Young. Domantas Sabonis right now is thriving when he starts at center, and he could start at power forward as well. T.J. Leaf would be the main PF off the bench and both of these young guys would succeed with Bledsoe on the team just because their playing time improves significantly.

The timetable for a decision from the Suns at this point is unknown. Bledsoe is trying to deny that’s what he meant with that tweet but we all know how people tweet things they regret.


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