IU Football has contacted Big Ten over controversial calls

BLOOMINGTON, IN.– After a series of controversial calls and decisions from IU’s 27-20 close loss to Michigan, IU coach Tom Allen has contacted the Big Ten.

During Allen’s press conference on Monday, he called out a handful of plays that went against IU on Saturday. Some of the plays he talked about included the Rashard Fant interception which was taken away by a pass interference penalty. The other play Allen mentioned as controversial was an overruled onside kick recovery and on replay shows IU receiver Simmie Cobbs Jr. clearly with possession inbounds.

Cobbs Jr. CLEARLY has one foot inbounds, which should have been a clean onside kick recovery.

On Monday, Allen says that the Hoosiers have discussed some officiating decisions from the close loss with the Big Ten per the league protocol.

“There’s a protocol for that,” Allen said. “We’ve had good discussions, very professional, handled the right way.”

The Simmie Cobbs Jr. overruled onside kick recovery was the biggest mistake on the referees. It would have given IU the football with about 3 1/2 minutes remaining down by three after cutting into the Michigan lead with a touchdown.

I don’t see a problem with contacting the Big Ten because Allen has legitimate footage of plays that shouldn’t have had the outcome they did. At this point, you can contact the Big Ten freely and they can come out and say they made a mistake. The unfortunate thing is that you can’t change the outcome of a game. They probably will admit there were officiating mistakes but they can’t credit IU with a win because technically they wouldn’t decide a game. IU would’ve had to score a touchdown to take a lead and prevent overtime on that onside kick recovery.

There are too many unknowns to change anything. Like I said before, the only thing the Big Ten can do is apologize and admit their refereeing mistakes.


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