Wade Davis has one of the best postseason ERAs for his career!

CHICAGO, IL.– While breaking down All-Time and Single-Season Postseason Pitching Leaders, Wade Davis ranks highly in one All-Time category for the postseason ERA. In fact, he is so good that he only trails the great Mariano Rivera.

The Leaders for Postseason ERA Average (Career):

  1. Mariano Rivera: 0.70
  2. Wade Davis: 0.79
  3. Harry Brecheen: 0.83
  4. Jeremy Affeldt
  5. Babe Ruth 0.87

Source: https://www.baseball-reference.com/postseason/Playoffs_pitching.shtml

Wade Davis ranks second for pitchers all-time in Postseason ERA Average. Better yet, to qualify for the stat, you must have 30+ innings pitched in the postseason.

Davis has had a great season for the Cubs, and will perform very well for the rest of the 2017 postseason!

Go Cubs Go!


Lucas Babcock

Lucas Babcock is the Editor in Chief and Founder of SportZreport.com. Babcock has been with the SportZreport.com Editorial Team since April 2015.

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